A Note From Chef Jan


As far as the show goes for the first time Viewers and Readers...
One of the things I try to do is to bring light and encouragement into your lives. The time we spend together means the world to me, and I am honored that you choose to take your time and join me.  

I will be teaching more intense techniques on the "My BackRoads Life with Chef Jan" group page on Saturdays in the near future. Please stay tuned for more information on those classes... and always remember, they are FREE. So, hop on over to the group page, sign up, leave me your email address, and get ready to start learning some super neat stuff. Invite your friends/family on over to the group page, also. I will be teaching something for everyone.

Please invite your friends, family, neighbors, inlaws, outlaws, church family, postal person, UPS person, cashier at the local Pharmacy, well... you get the picture.. to come join us here in the group, and also to join us at BackRoads Confections.

Y'ALL... we have some CRAZY awesome shows lined up for the summer!!! 

I'm so happy to have all of y'all join me for this journey... I certainly feel blessed and humbled to know you want to ride the "BackRoads" with me... so hang on y'all... we're gonna have a good time!!!

Remember... BE A BLESSING!!! ~Chef Jan